Officially a Technion student

At long last, I have settled down in Canada Dorms in Technion and today (Sunday) is the first day of school. The only worry right now is that I may not have enough modules to map because of course restrictions and overlapping of timetable etc. I hope to have some good news from our coordinator Ms. Orna soon, otherwise it would really be a 6 month leave of absence LOL.

What an interesting month it has been… and I haven’t had much alone time to really blog in the past week. I left Turkey on the 25th with somewhat of a heavy heart and came into Israel with a sense of intrigue about the things that I would be experiencing here. So far, I am really happy to know that the Israelis are so, so nice and helpful people who are easy to talk to as most of them know English. As far as fitting in goes, I think it won’t be much of a problem really. But the cost of living is not what I had expected. For example, the cheapest meal we could find in Tel-Aviv was about 25 shekels (close to 10 SGD) and it opened my eyes to the high costs of food in Europe. I needed some adjusting because you could have a simple meal in Turkey for 5 lira (close to 3 SGD).

My university is located atop a hilly ridge so there are slopes everywhere; the greenery is beautiful and the atmosphere seems really peaceful. (To be continued)….