Chronicles of Koh

At long last, my 10-year hiatus from blogging has to an end, and here I am. A new blog, a blank page, a fresh outlet for me to collate my thoughts and experiences in my path to self discovery and learning. Hopefully, I shall kick-start a consistent habit of reflecting weekly, while reigniting my passion for writing and rediscovering my essay writing skills, if you will, which have definitely fallen off the pace after years of stagnation (2 years in army and 2+ years of engineering studies certainly didn’t help). This blog shall be my sanctuary amidst my sometimes chaotic thoughts; it would also serve as a spiritual anchor as well as a mirror to my current mental state. I will also be journal logging my exciting experiences in Turkey and Israel with my buddies from engineering. I think we’re gonna have a blast and enjoy ourselves during these 6 months that we’ll be away. Yeap, I better not get homesick. I’ve got a feeling I will miss the food here though. *Cross fingers and pray for good food in Haifa*

~The Chronicles of Koh – a platform to rejuvenate my creative juices and for random words to flow from my rambling brain.

P.s. Oh I almost forgot. Sayonara my awesome gym buddy, I’ll miss ya loads. Don’t forget to think of me when you squat yo hahaha


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